Project Joy - Healing & Breakthroughs for Entrepreneurs

Project Joy - Healing & Breakthroughs for Entrepreneurs

This program is all about feeling our best, taking time to take care of ourselves with weekly healing, and taking time to check in with ourselves - the intentions we have and goals we'd like to reach.

With Project Joy we'll have our own private online community, where we can connect, share our journey, get support and enjoy both the shifts that come with regular reiki healing as well as the magic that happens in a group of amazing women. 

This group will be about playful experimentation and getting to the foundations of success. What are the simple things we can do to find our lives and our work in a place of beautiful, joyful alignment? Creating and connecting from the inside-out, in a way that energizes us and excites us every day? 

Mindset, frameworks, WEEKLY GROUP REIKI HEALING to keep our energy up, to keep our vision turned up beautifully, easy-to-digest tips & tricks. This group will continue to develop and evolve to best support our journey as we go, so join us now and grow with our community. 

The weekly Group Reiki Healing recordings are about bringing clarity, shifting your energy, healing and supporting you, wherever you are in your life and business.

The requests for reiki and the video/audio healings will be located in our Facebook group and will The intention will be for you to receive reiki as you watch or listen to the video/audio. Every week there will be an opportunity to share what you'd like support with - that will direct the intentions for healing on the recording.

Even if you sign up and do nothing else in this group, you will be receiving reiki healing every week - it's good stuff. ;-) 

The details, sweet & simple:
- WEEKLY HEALING - Custom-created to meet your requests - a video/audio visualization meditation with reiki healing
- COMMUNITY SUPPORT - Private online community for additional support, connection & sharing
- ADDITIONAL TECHNIQUES - Ongoing tips & tricks for clearing crud and raising energy
- This group will continue to grow and evolve to meet YOUR desires and needs. 
This is a monthly subscription and as you move through different seasons, you're welcome to cancel (and come back) anytime. Click the button below to sign up today!

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